Saturday, October 9, 2010


I really wish I could put an end to all this.
Lonely, left out tired of saying all this.
Sucks when you get a goodnight as a reply when you send hi.
My eye is getting worse.Probably Conjun-fucking-tivitis.
I need a break.
I need a filter.
I need a vent.
Its been long since I cried.
I don't want to.
I've learnt being strong is the only option.
That blank and shallow vacuum,I have started seeing it quite so often lately.
I wish i could get away from all this.
I need a break.
You of all people!
 The movie thing.
The thing that left me.Rather left us.
The way I have become hard on the outside all the while feeling terrible inside.
I need a break.I want to go away.
From all of you.For a long time.Long that you'll stop missing me.Long that I'll stop missing you.
I really wish I could put an end to it.


  1. Unclassifiable bullshit is my copywrited tag! #outrage

  2. copy"write"thaan vignesh pannitaanae :P avane edho already nollakannu + old chennai eyea vechindu post type pannirkaan. adha vututu tagku #outrage kodukra :P :D

  3. Venky,You are my ment-r ;)
    Keerthi,Yes i has become worse :(

  4. Its another பினாத்தல்கள்

  5. LOL :D

    Gud ni8 for HI!! Tht's a nice thing :P

  6. @Keerthi Damn me wrong spelling, only realised it now. Funny thing is i got #outrage with auto correct and added the word to dictionary

    @Vignesh Anda oru vaarthaikaaga vidaren