Sunday, October 17, 2010

Of apples and oranges..

What is this obsession about being the first in something? Or rather everything? 

Life has a zillion things to do.From being the first to brush and the first to flush, to being the first crush everyone wants to be the first in what they do.There's nothing wrong in giving the best effort in anything and everything you do but its so very wrong to expect the best returns for whatever you do.Someone who's good at finding the length of a straight line may suck at drawing one.Doesn't matter I say.Its hard for people to understand that.

Unhealthy competition leads to imitating someone who is successful.I have seen people who sit with books just because someone somewhere in an interview said that he studied for seven hours a day.Stuff like this totally irritates me Sigh.

All one has to aim at is to learn the lessons.Be it life's cycle or cycle tests.

Some students in class! YUCK! 

I hate it when people are obsessed with marks.Why constantly try to be good at something while you can improve and be the best at something that you're already good at.

Einstein may not have been good at football.
Amitabh may not be good at algebra.
They cared about what they can be good at rather than striving to become something of nothing.

Remember, If you have to make apple pie from scratch,you've to recreate the Universe.


  1. O_o Why do I have to recreate the universe

  2. Venky,literally starting from scratch :D
    Ragul,Enna da so?

  3. Nowadays i think u're writing just for the sake of it.Am i right??

  4. This was an outrage.I realise i'm lacking sense in most of what I write.

  5. puttin in lotta effort n still failin in it is maddening...:(bt still as u say itz wrong to xpect d best returns for watever u do really nice...:) encouraging post..:):)