Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh Gawd!

Every morning
Sapiens rise up and pray
Man,animal or woman
Are indifferently your prey.

Some state you as the reason
For sun,stars and big bang.
For some mysterious reason
Scientists don't get a hang.

The gardens and the great wall
Are man made wonders
They say you are in charge
Man thinks and he ponders.

He has no faith
He calls himself theist
Someone comes and questions
You name him atheist.

For me you are
And sometimes not.
Hiding it is a frost
I'm named agnost.

War,love or peace
You don't give a shit.
You call yourself god
That simply doesn't fit.


  1. kavidhai kavidhai!...nice work...God is one of the greatest magicians ever...making ppl believe in him w/o any concrete proof!

  2. good one buddy

    just intimate me whenever u update Ur blog

    I'll read and comment ...

  3. someone is on a rhyming marathon! TRku poatiya :P :D Awes man!

  4. Yes inniki mary had a little lamb and the doctors were shocked (substantiate) nu onu ketanunga.. Rhymed there too :P

  5. nice. Dei poetry oda nirutha vendithaane athenna photo at the end thoo

  6. you and me same category machi ;) not sure enbadhai othukarom ;) thats why we are different