Friday, August 13, 2010

What made the charmer charm..

People you meet by accident stay with you longer than you think they will.. 

I should not call it an accident for now the person has a more than important place in my life.It was the summer of 2007.I had enrolled for computer classes.There were a few from my school and naturally I sat down for classes alongside those few.There were people i did not know and I'm eternally grateful to Sudarshan for having introduced someone who'd make my life better than the best it could have been.

Brilliance is an inferior  adjective to describe him.I was as comfortable with him as I could get to any close friend.There are no definitive limits to the topics I discussed,discuss and will keep discussing with him.Sound and worthy were his advices,ones you'd regret for having not followed and those that you'd feel gifted for having listened to.

Fun is what I'll describe every single moment with him.Be it teaching me Physics or talking about mundane stuff that one would not even think of about.The way we bond is something that always amazes me.Its not pre-meditated but we end up discussing serious stuff that change the very root of my opinions about significant things in life.

He had made me think twice.Taught me things which cannot be taught.I have learnt lessons from him that none,even the best of teachers can never make me understand.He makes me realise stuff that I wouldn't realise even upon reading volumes of books.

Each minute spent in his company counts as one of the most important moments that mean a lot to me.
Class twelve would have probably ended up disastrous but for his guidance,help and any other superlative that could fit in.He walked me through and would continue to do so.He could see through my eyes.he could say what was good for me.

He's that kind of person that people would long to have,people really need to have.
The kind who makes you realise you are wonderful.
The kind who makes you feel special.
The kind who makes you respect yourself despite the faults.

He is one of a kind.

Truly the 'JACK' of all trades.

Thanks for being there.I owe you one if not many..

Forever grateful..
Cheese-Charmer.. the name you gave me.The identity that exists.