Monday, August 16, 2010

What the factorial !

Warning/Notification/WHATEVER: This post can be totally boring and one of the extremely useless 5-10 minutes you spend in your life.I do not take responsibility.I can be immensely boring at times(read as always) and can write texts that profoundly induce sleep for from a few hours to forever. Read at your own risk!

In most cases the things that can be counted do not count and the things that cannot be counted count
 said Albert Einstein,one of the greatest minds of the last century.The world today have become so materialistic and devoid of passion.In other words,the world today sucks! But there is no proof that the yesteryear world was being so passionate with whatever they were doing,but there are people who stand as examples.Today's philosophers,writers and even politicians(This was included to add humour) quote the legends of the past to have been more passionate and dedicated towards whatever they did.

Why are we regarded less passionate and dedicated? The answer,I believe,would be this.Today,most of us do things out of compulsion,survival instinct and a large crowd does certain things because others do the same.Placebo has no part nor right to decide your life.Its high time we realise this and become aware of the cheap,false pride we get in imitating others.Remember,doing something because someone else does it will never make you better than him.

The academics is being blamed everywhere.I understand that change cannot be brought about in a very short time but any visible progress will be appreciated by the like-minded.Change is the only thing that can bring about a change today.

This post is totally an outcome of me having listened to a few speeches lately that would definitely stir your very emotions if you appreciate the beauty of science and life as such.What is going on around the world in the name of education is far away from what a real valuable academic life can be.

Kids today deserve a better education.A proper childhood is what required to nurture creativity.Nobody can teach them to think.None can inject creativity.But the environment and the methodology can definitely create a better future.Passion,interest and love for what you do are the key ingredients to being successful at any level.

As said this is the toughest problem that lay.This needs more attention that global warming.

We are always far,far away from finding a solution to any problem till we have the answer at hands!

PS:I admit with not an ounce of shame that the title of the post was deliberately taken from the name of a team that participated in a competition that was attended by me recently.

PPS:If you have used the word that starts with F followed by asterisks, for a significant number of times while reading this post please do read the opening statement again.For those who did not,no words! I have found my alter ego!



  1. When ppl like these are leaders, we cant expect the change to happen soon.
    For instance, How many ppl studyin engineerin actually know what engineering is!
    The syllabus, the system.. everything is crap. Ppl(includin me) don study the last units these days. Attend three sixteen marks and u pass!! That is how it is now. Where is the place for passion, love and interest!! Sigh..
    We need change! High time!

  2. And hey.. Good one as usual :)

  3. Agreed.Though the stress is on Kindergarten more than college,you need effective primary teaching for you to understand and make a choice.. Thanks for visiting! :)