Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mummy, Manmohan and Manchester United

You might not understand the quote(?) that I have mentioned here. It has a very deep sense of philosophy, historical importance and is used as a reference to a club which is inevitable in the EPL. This reference is used by fans of the said club ONLY on the occurrence of events that change history once for all, like when one of them fans are able to poop successfully in the morning. They claim they don't refer to their club or chant the said quote when their club does not come in the picture. And that's why they scribble that all over facebook and twitter when Pompey beats Wigan or when Kate marries William. In short, Go Go MUFC is the "Who is John Galt?" of Manchester United.

It was election results yesterday. There were several significant changes made to the fate of the people of TN. From now on the tax payer's money will not benefit Mu.Ka and his family while it will be of great help to the people of 'Thamizh Naad' as the leader of the winning party says on tv. Nevertheless its been a remarkable victory and history has been rewritten and so the fans of the said club will as always grace us with the selective usage of Go Go MUFC.

Manmohan or Mum-Mohan as we know him better is neither happy or sad as Madamji hasn't yet advised him to respond to the election results of TN. He is unsure whether to rejoice or to plot the arrest of Kani and the King. Either way all he has to do is to sign a few papers and act important and remember to not to forget to keep quiet.

As the results have had an impact one might wonder how Manmohan is going to control the urge of using