Friday, May 6, 2011


There were smiles all around. Knee deep snow, yet people were out of their houses very early. Everyone was busy shopping. It was Christmas eve.

She was extra happy. She had a wide smile. As wide as a moon pie. She blushed at the very thought of it. He calls her that, yes, a moon pie. She walked through the crowded street hoping that none noticed her red cheeks and ears. She was so excited about this Christmas, it was their first Christmas together.

She put a lot of thought in buying a gift for him. She wanted to give him something that he'll always remember. Of course she knew he's going to remember whatever the gift might be, she wanted it to be something sweet. She peeped into every single shop she passed by. She had a few hours left till she began her surprise trip to his place.

Oh yes, you people are not familiar with these two, are you? So here it goes. They met roughly ten months back. He works in a firm about two hundred miles from where she stays. The charm of their love for each other kept the relationship going. It was time they realised they were made for each other.

Coming back, she was all burned out and tired of searching and hence she thought she'd take a break and get done with lunch. She was looking at her mobile and was lost in thoughts. She was done with her lunch and when she came out of the restaurant she knew what she was going to get him.

The sun had set and she set out on her journey. A long, tiresome drive. But what the hell, its him.

She finally reached. She had a wider smile. Only to be disappointed to see a post it stuck on his door. "Away for the weekend, Merry Christmas :) "

She never had a plan B. She wanted to surprise him and now it seemed life had played a cruel trick. She called him on his phone.

"Hey" she started.

"HEY" he was full of energy.

"Where the hell are you? I'm at your door and you are not here" she almost started crying.

"Oh now I know why your door is locked" said he.

Silence. And more silence. The gods were smiling and somewhere a guy and a girl exchanged I love yous.

The clock struck twelve. And they wished each other "Merry Christmas"

He sang for her, a song that he'd written for her.

"The grass are all wet, cold and full of dew,
All I wanted for Christmas was you"