Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make a choice

The world around us is made up infinite space. With innumerable points scattered all around us. Yet each point has its own co-ordinate and is unique. Each point has a name, has a behaviour and is different from the others. That's how man is defined. Each of us (you, me and that fat stranger who takes the dog for a walk ) are different. If we draw a Venn diagram with all possible character traits as the universal set, almost everyone of us would have large sets of common traits. Yet we are different, some at the very basic level (like the ones with six fingers) and some at levels of immense complexity that one almost fails to spot the difference. It would be appropriate to recollect Pauli's exclusion principle here. It governs electrons and their behaviour governs us. Q.E.D.

Man stands alone. One might ask why. With the multitude of common factors between any two persons why does one have to stand alone?

Life, as we know it, is governed by decisions and when it comes to decisions it ultimately comes down to you. Sixth sense, rationalism, distinguishing good and bad, intelligence and many fancy names are given while people try to explain the most selfish act that man performs every minute. For example, take game shows where there's an option called 'Public opinion'. They give you the result of what a handful of men like you think and finally you are expected to make a choice from that. Its the average man's choice rather average of a group of men's choice. If you say this is trivial, consider demanding situations like undergoing a surgery. The doctor asks you to make a choice. It doesn't matter if you HAVE to say yes, you are still given a choice.
Was the creation of the Universe forced or by choice? You may never know. There could be a force governing the creation which in-turn is governed by another set of attributes. Probably there were a handful of men giving suggestions about which planet to choose and the guy in charge of creation chose Earth. May be he did not want to, may be it was like undergoing a surgery. You may never know.

When making choices comes freewill. Its like your shadow at noon. Its there but you can't see it. Its ultimately your wish and will to press the button with or without considering other factors. You might not want to handover your car keys and watch your girlfriend get shot. Or you can consider irrelevant factors like love, humanity and common sense and handover your car keys and still watch your girlfriend get shot.

You had a choice to whether read this load of nonsense or to close the window and watch Rebecca black on youtube. Yet I presume you chose to read this not because you were an insomniac and believed this would put you to sleep but you wanted to. To create the illusion of freewill here I let you to choose the title of this post. Call it whatever you feel like. Call it "Relativity disproved" or "Menu card of Saravana Bhavan". It ultimately comes down to you.

I'd love to quote Jigsaw here "Make a choice"


  1. Posted a comment in your blog after a long time :) .. First time from my mob :) ..

  2. yes... it ultimately comes down 2 us .. good one dude :)

  3. Perfect timing for me stumbling on this. I just watched all 26 episodes of Trigun today, a show that was heavily based on morality and choices. You should watch that if you've got the time :).

  4. Beautiful piece of art with poetic literature :). a bomb to read :)