Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little bit of truth

This is not some lame attempt at sweeping  you off your feet. If I could've I would've.

Yes, you. I sincerely hope you are reading this. This is the first time I'm writing to you and I really wish this is the last time too. Yes, its been too much of a burden to carry and walk around. And it tires me. Its hard. You wouldn't know. Do you? Don't surprise me by saying yes. As I hear, you know what I think of you. Or as I would like to put it 'thought' of you. It was hard to type it in the past tense but what the hell? Am putting an end to it tonight. You grew in me like so badly. There have been several good memories which, you probably forgot or worst case you never knew they existed. Who would remember asking some ridiculous physics formula to some stranger? Well, I do. Ah, chuck it. People would probably go 'Awww sweet' but yeah, it doesn't matter. Not anymore to me, just like it never mattered to you. Its been a terrible 5 months and I must thank you for all the good memories. I'm sorry you might be the subject of a million stories I might write in the future, just like how you were a part of a few that I had already written. I made plans of asking you out and all that. Very funny when I come to think of it now. Very funny. Its like a very bad probability problem that remained unsolved. 1, .95 and it went on towards zero and just to give me a little ego boost I'll consider myself worthy of a 0.25 probability of being the one, alright? Just play along. Life works in strange ways, the six degrees of separation and all. So there's always a mighty chance of running into you at weddings or someplace else. I'd be skipping a beat even then just like how it happens(d) every time. Now listen, I'm all done. I wouldn't have written all this but this is what a sleep deprived exam facing 19 year old guy does at 3 am in the morning. So yeah, I'm over you. It took me 3 minutes to type the last sentence. But there, I did it. Listen, I'll never be able to ask you out even if I wanted to. You're a tinge way too awesome for me. So calm down. Don't freak out. I still kind of like you, savoring this for the bed time stories I might get to tell my kids. I want to end this, I can sense you're getting bored. So yeah, continue staying awesome. Go, be a good girl :)


Let go 

Again, This is not some lame attempt at sweeping  you off your feet. If I could've I would've.


  1. to whom ever it is.. its awesome.. they must be really special ..:):(

  2. Again, This is not some lame attempt at sweeping you off your feet. If I could've I would've.
    thats the attitude... nice read :)

  3. I liked the post till the "It took me 3 minutes to type the last sentence" line :)

  4. In a word 'awesome'