Saturday, May 21, 2011

The hand that rocks the cradle

The baby was crying. It was not of hunger, something that says he's been disturbed, something of sleeplessness and she was trying to make the baby sleep. She started playing with him. Took him in her hands and started walking around the house. She wanted him to stop crying. 

She started telling him stories. 

"Let me tell you about daddy and me. You will listen to it and sleep like a good boy. Will you?

Here you see the balcony? Here's where we sat when Daddy brought me home for the first time. He made me tea. We had cookies, yes your favorite ones. Come we'll go to the other room. Here is where the bedroom was previously. See the cupboard there? Inside it was a card, a rose and a ring. Daddy asked me if i will marry him. Guess what I said? Of course you know what I said. I said I will. And then we got married. Come we'll go to your room. We shifted the bedroom here. This room had the window through which the moon is visible. Daddy's idea it was. And this is where you were born. And you slept "

She left him in his crib. She was watching him sleep. The calmness in his face made her glad.

"And you slept. Let me finish off the story. You were born and made us happy. Immensely happy. Everything was perfect until she came. Yes, that aunty who gifted you the train. I didn't like her even a bit. Right from the beginning. And whatever I feared happened. She stole Daddy from Mommy. You wouldn't like that would you? But she did. And Daddy moved in with her. Now you are all my possession. You are my only ray of hope. And know what Daddy did today? He came with some papers. He wanted me to sign them. Are you sleeping baby? Good good. And he wanted me to sign them. I said I wouldn't. You don't like the other room, no baby? Very good. Mommy will be back in a while"

She went to the other room and started digging Daddy's grave. With a satisfactory smile. Looking at the corpse that lay next to her. She was digging the grave, with the hand that rocks the cradle.


  1. u r fabulous... mind blowing.. :)

  2. Nice one buddy!! keep writing

  3. Good One!!Men who cheat are intended to die by those hands!!

  4. Haha! What a perfect end! I haven't enjoyed a short story like this is a long, long time.

  5. naasthi da
    superb :)

  6. OMG... wow! I mean, seriously wow! Loved it! Following!