Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The first few drops of rain..

It was yet another dull , grey tuesday morning.. The day started as usual.. I packed my bag and off to college.. I had to drive through my usual route to the railway station.. Tuesdays have always been low-spirited (me yet to discover why).Within a few yards from home I sensed that it was going to be the first fine day after some four to five months of scorching heat.. My spirits started soaring high( despite the fact that I had EG classes that day, phew!) A few minutes of driving and yay! there came the first rain-drop splashing on my face.. the weather just couldn be perfect.. As usual Mother Nature proved the predictions of those weather-guys wrong and the monsoon had begun a day or two earlier.. hope the weather continues for sometime (and yep.. I keep my fingers crossed hoping for a holdiay or two) .. and I couldn restrict myself humming "Rain drops n dance.. strange kinda romance.."

vignesh.. :)
(I hope)


  1. Monday blues, low-spirited tuesday?? ve u got a wicked wednesday, tiring thursday n a frustrated friday up ur sleeve?? ;)

  2. Rain'a pathi pesum pothu y did EG class come into d picture?? :p u ve a way of handling ur studies in every scheme of thing.. :D KD..

  3. u ve matured perfect da... i lik ur blogs.. gud gud..