Sunday, October 18, 2009

"MON"-soon :(

Well well.. the holidays are over and its monday again!! A weekend which i hoped would be filled with fun,frolic and fiesta turned out to be one that was taken over by integral,differential bla bla bla.. Exam season and i already am starting to feel sick :P.. whatsoever the exams are going to take place and positively I'll be writing them."Monday blues" as I call it, I feel rather low spirited once I get to realise that my weekend is over.I planned to make these 3 days as constructive as possible.. I planned, planned and planned and already it was sunday. Ultimate result: "வட போச்சே"
vignesh.. :)
(I hope)


  1. Happens.Just got to see this via Ragul's blog.You have a super cool writing style.

  2. constructive? :P :P
    lets see!! :D

  3. ha ha.. ellarukum same feelin thaan.. MONDAY BLACKS, REDS, WHITES nu i ve felt many colors.. :p