Friday, October 23, 2009

My best is yet to come..

I may fall..
I never will fail to rise up..
I may lose my way..
Yet I'll never stop walking..
You may criticise..
I may hear..
I'll never listen as I don care..
Mountains on the way..
Aeons to cross..
I'll never ask "Why me?"..
Will instead say "Try me"..
Everyday I pray..
Of course I trust in God..
Oh please don't move the mountain my lord..
Instead guide me around it..
Men may come men may go..
The best remain.. or they say so..
Dreams to fly..
Shoulders to cry..
Clueless ventures are even worth a try..
There's pain.. yet also perseverance..
There falls a tear..
Yet not an ounce of fear..
There are dark days..
And as always..
There's light at the end of each tunnel..
Life's a battle..
People win everyday..
I still can't judge thyself..
As I don't know myself..
Yet another determined soul..
Waiting for the perfect role..
Past has passed..
Future has never crossed..
There are men who try..
Winners they try to become..
As one of them I try..
And my best is yet to come..

vignesh.. :)
(I hope)


  1. nice buddy.... but i would still suggest work on your skills.....

  2. thank you :).. i would improve .. keep commenting :)

  3. ofcourse u'll be one....Awesome man...Go ahead...Unleash your ideas...

  4. good start da.. :) kalaks.. but engayo kaeta mari oru feel varuthey?? engernthathu suttiya? ;)

  5. onnu nalla post panna porukkadhe :P