Friday, October 16, 2009

A happy beginnin

The day started really well.. its one of my treasured friend's b'day.. Wished him a great year ahead and was chatting for a few mins.We had a few emotional exchanges.That was one of those sweet moments during which we feel how important a role friends play in our lives.Every single person feels that he's got the best set of friends.. it's great joy to hang out,play pranks and have fun but its just not over with all that.The only thing which I feel lucky about.I'm blessed with a great bunch of them(touchwood).. And as I talk about my friends I definitely have to tell about my school.To describe Prince matric Awesome is a lesser word.It was simply a fantastic place and it still continues to be. Whenever we guys meet up we start and end with conversations about school.All the fun we had, it's something that everyone of us would cherish.The best ever teachers under the best ever Principal , my school life couldn't get better :) Thinking about school starts with a smile and leaves me with tears everytime..These are the moments when I wish I could go back in time.. Friendship is one such relationship which stays strong, time immemorial.I cherish each and everyone of my friends and I hope we remain the same till forever dies.. :)

vicky.. :)
(I hope)


  1. Dude...You are doing a good work in your blog...But try to use actual spelling as much as possible such as "birthday-b'day" and "minutes-min's"......carry on your work...rock on...

  2. sure :)
    keep commenting so that i can improve :)