Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beat the heat..

Speaking about rain in my previous post I realised it was a really long summer this year and i'm sure next year it would be longer... All thanks to "GLOBAL WARMING"..this has been the easiest topic to come up with.. global warming being a global subject has been a HOT topic as it is said to heat up the atmosphere(couldn avoid the pun) ..People were so serious about global warming in the beginning and now they appear to be even more serious but the fact is.. they are not! people like us play practical jokes on global warming.. "Where's your homework?.. sorry sir,global warming burnt it!" It's been talked about as if it is something extra terrestrial..You care for your son why not care for his grandson? Plant more trees, save water,don waste electricity bla bla bla.. one speaks about all this and leaves his light switched on the whole day.."global warming is others' problem.. I'm safe today" this is what each and everyone of us think and will continue to think, no matter how many awareness programmess are conducted.. News channels debate about global warming everyday but Who cares.. even the newsreader doesn' as any good citizen would do I ask u to plant trees ,save water and do whatever u can to save earth.. because it's the only planet that has.......... chocolate

vignesh... :)
(I hope)


  1. ur gud in wat u select da... keep rocking...!!

  2. global warming...a hot topic would have been much better if you had stressed what you want to say...I mean...rather pointing out others reaction,you could have stepped forward saying a measure...

    then...coming to blog...Clinical language as usual...good selection of words...nice to read...carry on...

  3. :) wow.. great comments.. thank u :)

  4. lol.. :) gd one da.. n tis s d only planet tat has got gals.. ;)