Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Post

Here begins my blogging experience.. The much awaited diwali holidays have begun and this happens to be my longest weekend in months( thanks to my hectic college schedule, exams,. bla bla).The day started ~~as each and everyone of my holidays would~~.. with me sending good mornin messages to everyone at 1.30 in the afternoon.. and as i was done with my daily routine i sat down thinking of innumerable ways to spend my precious weekend.I sat down with Dan Brown's latest piece in hand.Hours passed by and once again i resumed my thinking process.This time about THE best book one can ever lay eyes upon.For an author it could be his first work which he'd consider as his best work.But for people like me who's been gifted with no gift of writing what could be the best work that will fall prey to the eye?? Perhaps my own diary? Yea that'd be possible.But for the ones lazy enough to leave the pen untouched unless the situation demands, a blog would be a less tedious option. And so goes the story of how my blogging experience began... I hope this would make me revisit some of the episodes of my past.. laugh, cry, smile and relive the happy moments and correct my mistakes from the not-so-good moments of my past.And this piece which i'm forced to call and you are forced to read as "My first Post" was entirely the outcome of my inexplicable means to fill this page... I promise you that in my next post i'll meet you with some piece of info that's worth moving your eyes upon..

P.S: Thank you Srini for constantly reminding me to start publishing.. i hope you won regret it.. :D

vignesh.. :)