Thursday, December 3, 2009

"NEW"-ton's laws..

~~ Gravity is all nonsense,basically earth sucks..

~~ Everyone gets what they want but only after they wish that they're better off without them..

~~ Trust in God,there are a few questions google can't answer yet..

~~ Believe in destiny,we are destined to do so..

~~ Never think twice before whatever you do,whatever we do we'll definitely end up regretting it

~~ Don tell others about your problems 70% don care and the rest are glad..

~~ Don worry about hairfall,all men end up bald one day..

~~ Always keep old photographs safe,they're the only ones in which you can find yourself truly smiling..

~~ None dies a virgin Earth fucks everyone..

~~ Breathe in a lot of oxygen,we'd need oxygen cylinders soon in the future..

~~ Drink as much water as possible,days are not far when you'll have to pay for each drop..

~~ Don regret shedding tears for yourself,none else will do it for you..

~~There's no shortcut for success,even if there's one its for the successful people..

~~ Only thing common to all the human beings is 24 hrs of the day..

~~ Beautiful Girls needn't work hard,there's already someone who's working hard for her..

~~ If you fail in love don be stupid enough to say that your heart's broken,you wouldn be alive to say so..

~~ If I'd learnt from my mistakes I'd be a genius by now,I never did and so I'm not..

~~ Work and never expect it to blow up,it hurts to know the future after all..

~~ Never ever say that life sucks,everyone knows it already..

~~ Don ever tell others that you were stupid enough to do something,people are already proclaiming so..

~~ Never believe in luck,especially when you are lucky..

~~ Go to bed with a dream and wake up with a purpose..

~~ Never look back,never give up..

~~ People die every night,you'll probably wake up tomorrow,but today is all you have..

~~ You're what you are,even if none approves of it..

~~ Jealousy is a disease,vaccinate yourself; let others suffer..

~~ To be old and wise,you have to be young and stupid..

~~ When everything's coming your way,you are definitely in the wrong lane..

~~ Everything happens for a reason,if you feel something doesn't fall under this category read the first part of this sentence..

~~ And finally.. never tell everything you know..

Vignesh.. :)