Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well.. this post is entirely the result of me running out of topics to post about.. duh.. sounds silly doesn't it.. I wondered what the opinion about my posts were.. I keep on writing bout a rainbow of topics and now am here at a dead end having ran out of topics which were not so boring( well.. in a way less boring than the least boring.. ) .. get me some feedback.. suggest what all i can write about.. plus and minus on my posts.. as karthik suggested i'll try to avoid cursing life lol.. give me some constructive comments rather than end up laughing at this post too.. :D

Waiting with a smile.. :)

Vignesh.. :)


  1. topics....a lot are there..y don't you write about something like "Mobiles-a must needed gadget"....lots more...

  2. i myself m running out of topics....but here is something i was intrigued(wud rather say disgusting) to see...indian culture sucks...ll get some idea

  3. "running out of topics?", now that is also a good topic to write about.. :P ... just kidding..

    why don't you write about technology that you find interesting or how about book reviews (you like harry potter right.. write something about that)..there are a lot of just need the time to think over 'em

  4. I got a wonderful feedback from my English Prof..and I seriously feel that it would be of some use to you too..
    Write something useful
    Write something original
    Write something new
    Don't write too frequently..give gaps..
    Don't write something of your interest..instead write something of everybody's interest
    that's it.

  5. so sweet of everyone.. :) my next post'll definitely be worth readin :)

  6. Really am very PROUD to be your friend da... Really , i mean it from the bottom of my heart..
    Yor quotes left me breathless for a moment nanbaa , as it related to me a lot.. Really i'm running out of words to express my feelings da.. Really proud and blessed to have a friend like you.:-)