Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheers .. another stumble.. :P

Here comes the internals..
Yo-ho yo-ho..
With problems in Integrals..
Yo-ho yo-ho..

Should I laugh at myself or my professor.. This week filled with internal exams proved to be one that was more fun than the week that had culturals.

This is what happened during each n every exam..

8.25 am:

Enter the exam hall..

8.30 am:

Find a seat next to one of the elite members of the gang..

8.35 am:

Receive the question paper with an ounce of confidence..

8.40 am:

Trying to figure out and make sure that this question paper is meant only for me..

8.45 am:

Uncontrollable laughter( Its mainly cos of the paper or the invigilator or the gal who forcibly tried to look if "Pond's Dreamflower talc" could overdo God's creation)

8.50 am:

laughter continues..

8.55 am:

I realise that I have a question paper at hand and atleast have to pretend like I'm writing an exam( Come on What am I supposed to write.. )

9.00 am:

I look at my friend..the look that speaks so much .. most importantly "Intha paper um pocha!"

9.05 am:

Trying to count the very few for whom the question paper really made some sense(Me Yet to figure out how)

9.10 am:

Deciding on the design for underlining my name and roll no.

9.15 am:

Finally deciding or rather realising that the design is not going to fetch any marks ( A pat on the back.. Wow)

9.20 am:

The mind's eye opens up and creativity flows..

9.25 am:

Thinking of the best possible ways to fold my paper into two..

9.27 am:

Deciding that my paper looks best unfolded..

9.28 am:

A look around the classroom and a smirk at those people who attempt to solve the mysteries hidden in the question paper(mostly unsuccessful)..

9.29 am:

Scribbling the last few ounces of creativity amidst the shout of the prof to hand over my paper..

9.30 am:

Handing over the paper with a scorn and complaining that the paper was lengthy and I was not given enough time..

9.31 am:

Meeting the guys from the other classes and gathering their experience..

This is how we write internals.. BINDAAAS..



  1. ha ha,, toooo good man.. :) reminds me of my tym.. :)

    9:35 - bunk d next class n leav 2 canteen.. ;)

    u forgot tat.. :D

  2. U have escaped dude...You Have done this jus for an hour....I did it for three hours.....PRINCE PRODUCTS...aren't we?

  3. Post is good :) really nice
    But Vignesh!! I wonder how you come under this category!!

  4. innumada intha ooru nammala nambikitrukku..