Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Y batch diaries..

Long time .. this has been a extra ordinary beginning to my college life.. God i wish i could say this! Semester exams.. Question papers.. I swear I never imagined these things would be nightmarish! And in the midst of my exams i'm here filling up the void in my page.. Yeah! Why? Probably because this is the only place where I can find something to write about.. Words flow down my fingers( :D) but once I see my question paper it's like seeing a Micro-biology paper after having prepared for french.. There are a few greater things to worry about..

Come January my 2nd semester would begin and sadly first semester had passed by in a flash.. Y batch will be no more.. :'( .. I'll miss those chemistry classes where the only interesting thing we did was to play hangman other than mocking the teacher(none other than our very own RC)..Those EG classes where only the teacher knew what he was talking bout {Yippe!! NO EG from sem 2.. only if i manage to clear ;) } and The one n only VCS (FOC) and last but not the least.. Paul raj (Ejjomple.. rofl).. Things are moving on.. expecting a really spectacular summer gearing up for mitafest.. College life has come far close to what I can call Rockin :) ..


  1. give respect to ur teachers...dont accuse thm in ur blogs...[:D]

  2. don worri dude!!!v ll keep comin ta see u!!!!(not li u[;-D])