Friday, December 18, 2009

Bournvita.. nano tubes and vettaikaran ;)

The title says as much.. It was the day of my Engineering chemistry paper( CY9111 for those who are geeky enough.. ha..) and as usual I was as clueless as ever so as to what horror would appear in front of me disguising itself as a question paper.. With great experience in story writing(courtesy my previous exam Physics.. sorry PH9111..) I set out for the adventure ahead.. Here I am recounting the day..

Bournvita: 6.30-8.00

This phase of the day which I call bournvita ,just because I love it or I have a cup of it every morning as I'm told that I'd faint half way thru my day or both,(yep! I hear you sayin "Bazinga, I don care!") mainly because am lazy to think of a better name..duh.. now this is bout the time I spent at home before I started to coll.. After spending yet another nearly sleepless night I woke up at 6.30 hmm 6.45 hmm no somewhere in between..And I brushed(yawn).. had my bournvita(yawn) and thought of revising somethin (yawn) and thought the better of it and packed my bag and started to college.. yawn......

Nano-tubes: 8.00-12.30

I boarded my train( after standing in a looooong queue to get my ticket.. forgetful enough to forget to renew my season ticket! screw me!) and took the usual journey staring at a rainbow of equally sleepy commuters(hey fellas!) and no gals in the train too! and the slow steady journey took me to my college .. and tada! everyone was with books n notebooks revising for the exam( Only if i'd known what to,I'd've done the same) and there came this exam nano tubes bla bla.. quantum wells.. lol .. for which i made up funny answers.. well full of energy 's called quantum well.. ( If you can't convince them,confuse them).. and then half asleep and half relieved I submitted my paper and got out of the hall and there came this shock " Macha kelambu padathuku polam.. vettaikaran release aiduchu :D"

Vettaikaran: 2.30-5.30

Gosh there was this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge cut out "sayin Dr.Vijay.. rofl" and a small crowd too.. i was made to wait as there were ambulances clearing patients lol.. got the tickets went in.. crazy vijay fans shouting at the top of their voice.. and then the movie started.. 3 hrs .. movie was close to ok.. the heroine(taller than the hero! ha) 'll get a 10.5/10 :D and I returned home with a mild headache.." vettai aaramichiruchu doi"

P.S: Now I wind up as my headache worsened and I have to sleep soon cos I have my technical english morro.. sorry HS9111 .. ;)



  1. I'll try out ur definition man!! Well full of energy!! wah re wah!!
    And don't comment on dat film coz in order to comment u shud've seen d film n not juz d heroine for full three hours!!!:D

  2. well said harini...instead of lukin at anushka's height or gradin her 10.5 {as if hez gonna be called by indiaglitz to write the review 4 tamil movies}u shd hav seen d movie as a whole...and as for d headache... i guess it was coz of d ambulance effect dont make fun of ppl jus coz u dont lyk dem...otherwise d headache which was acute may get chronic....arghhh!!...:D:D:D:D

  3. Drinkin bournvita and sighting ANUSHKA!!!!!