Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cats, Dogs and the class that was..

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Right. I got carried away there since it was about 'C' batch.

Now, that everyone's done with cursing me, read ahead. I thought of starting this post in a light tone (please wait, don't close the page yet). I don't wish to make you all watery eyed with this post of mine, which you might become, if you have the will to stand one whole page of rants.

No post about C batch would be complete without mentioning the legendary Chandru, Raju, Murali and best of all Somu .No post would do justice to them in a single page so there's always that Reversible Irreversible post to speak all about these people which faithfully serves as a chat-room till date.

Though I'm reputed to absent myself from classes good enough to be forgotten (well, for those who have, I'm that sober number 25 who exists) I presume I've attended enough classes and I KNOW I've spent enough time with you guys to share something by putting this post in the best possible way.

There have been quite a few emotions and laughter stands tall among those. I had some of the best moments ever with you people. Amith was the first guy from this batch i got introduced to.  Pranav , Padmanabha and the iPhone-wala-who-shares-my-name were three people who were part of all the fun that I had ( though VK was a part of 'almost' all the fun since he disappeared for obvious reasons , I can't refrain myself from mentioning him) I've developed a liking for these three which I know would last for years to come and if not reciprocated your asses will be duly kicked.

And there came Kiran and his brainchild, the C batch group (EPIC C batch group) came in as a blessing. And my count of friends increased, atleast in my facebook account :D Thank you Kiran. And I got a very good friend, Bhavishya, the co-admin. Sure to stay a friend for long.

Speaking of FRIENDS, How am I ever going to repay you Arpita, for that book? That is making my weekend awesome-blossom.

And that group led to discussions and apparently we're going to have a get-together today. This is such a good idea because we fail to meet in class since not a single day has gone when C batch showed its full might to the attendance registers. 

And our classrooms, I love both of them. hall no. 73 (Vivek, remember its SEVENTY THREE) and the cinematic 111. i have always waned to sit inside a classroom with a theatrical architecture. Promise. Though 73 never had continuous electricity and 111 has always had broken desks to which Vivek added one more, I nevertheless loved the classroom more because of what happened and not where it did.

Those assessments where we had no clue whatsoever about the questions and even more clueless about the answers we wrote were indeed fun, not for the profs though.

Now here comes a series of statements which you must completely skip, or you'll wish you did once you complete reading through.

Though all we learnt from Chandru was to consider, assume and Yevaluate and most importantly not to sit both , I had the best laugh in his classes.

Though all we learnt from Murali was never to learn about Semiconductors, it is priceless to see his mock face when he asks a question that he knows none would dare answer.

Though we learnt never to annoy English ma'am by opposing her, lest we might get a six min lecture for a two min speech, I loved her classes.

Though we learnt nothing but the fact that no chemistry teacher can ever make a student study chemistry without mocking the teacher or the subject, I had some of the best rib-spraining, stomach-spasming, eye-watering laughter in his class. Special thanks to Padmanabha. Pranav knows why.

Wait, i'm losing track of the subjects we have. 

*Refers syllabus book*

Yeah, EG.

Though he used the worst grammar possible, I tend to mock him the least as he's the only one who teaches ( Not, the fact that I'm scared that he'll fail me in the 3rd assessment and will do so in the finals too because he'd feel he had not punished me enough)

Though in FOC classes, wait what am I doing? I've never attended FOC. Yet I can start it with a 'though'.

Though I never attended FOC and those who attended wished they hadn't , it probably was fun for those few. I'm forever grateful to Pranav, for the 4 or 5 marks that I'm getting in the internals is just because he took the pains to sit through hours of FOC. Take a bow for that.

Though the series of dumbwitted 'thoughs' is over, you may want to continue reading inorder to completely get a grasp of my joblessness.

By the time first assess got over, I got settled in the class and was content about the class's contents.I didn't imagine I would feel this way in such a short period of time.

I love everyone of you guys. Even though I haven't spent quality time with most of the 94 of you, i wish i 'd get a chance to connect wit all of you. I'd remember the names and recollect this wonderful class whenever someone mentions one of your names.

And I really wish Mohideen,Arpita, Sharmila, Sowmya, Nivedita,Ivaan,Giridhar, Ranganathan, Swetha, Praveen , Madhan and myself end up in the same class for the coming semesters.

I feel awful that Pranav, Padmanabha Vignesh and Bhavishya wouldn't be in my class. This guy here will miss you four BIG TIME. 

There are so many others whom I couldn't mention because, its too many people, its already such a long post ( most of you'd've slept twice or thrice already) and the author has been sleep deprived for the past two or so weeks.

Not to forget the monkeys and dogs that visted our class very often than we did.

To sum up, these 4 months were something that I would cherish forever. I hope you guys would remember me (of course you would ;) ) and this post would be something that connects us all.

PS: Sorry if I'd been rude or plain annoying. I'm too good a package and I come at this cost.

PPS: Pliss Ignore the PS ;)

PPPS: I hope the C lover of the C batch doesn't find any errors with the opening statement :P 

With tonnes of love and a tiny drop of tear,

Vignesh, Yeah that number 25 :)


  1. semma da...Happy that Yu "Still" enjoyin with your friends in the college...Be the same,,,

  2. Haha :D Nice one :) Reading this for the first time! Happy you wrote a post about our batch! :)