Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The prologue

In all seriousness this time I'm serious. I have started with so many books which never crossed the prologue page, I mean writing them ofcourse. This time around I promise myself for the millionth time that atleast a few chapters will be done before this book goes into the recycle bin. I'm setting out to write the prologue and it goes live on my blog. Feedback, sincere feedback would be really appreciated.

Heroes are not born. They are made out of cowards, cowards who react. He was one among them, one who never thought he'd make it big in his life, one who thought famous people were film stars, politicians and sportsmen. 

There were eyes all around him. People he knew, people he did not, people whom he knew and thought they never knew him. Ironically, it was going to be over soon. 

It was a fine day. A perfect weather to do anything, but this. He knew this would come up if not sooner. he was always expecting this, which made him to act fast with life, sort out things then and there possible. 

They questioned him when, where and how. But none asked him why. The world must know why. More than whatever he told them, he wanted to say this. Wanted to say why, not to justify, not to boast about but because of what he believed.

After all, the truth must be told.