Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crushed.. 2.0

On an evening when it began to rain,
I tried to rhyme and ended up in vain,
Not so easy when I'm in pain,
I think of you and miss my train.

Snail-like you crawled into me,
Hell and heaven together do I see.
Always tried to give you a hint,
Ridiculous, you never got what I meant.

Moon, Sun and the stars seem old,
I went to have my fortune told.
Love me and I'll shower you with gold,
Although its hot I feel so cold.

Deep in my heart you left a mark,
Which by the way is your new home.
Even in daylight I stay in the dark,
Just because YOU're my glowworm.
Thinking of you makes me feel so warm,
And time's proved again you're cheesecharmer's charm.

I want her to be mine.
She is my drug.
I forgot the very next line,
Scribbled in a paper rug.