Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The clown who frowned

Bad weather which brings,
Sad thoughts and mood swings.
Which makes me write crap,
And shamelessly call it rap.
On a tuesday which is usually not brisk,
I wrote this down, read at your own risk.

In the town that was so glee,
There was a happy clown.
To see him people used to flee,
For he never had a frown.

There once was a little girl,
Who was an only daughter.
She was all sad and dull,
The clown vowed to bring back her laughter.

She said she did not have a brother,
He sat down thinking of a plan.
Told her why ask another,
For he was as good a man.

She took him as her own,
Asked all she could.
He brought her a pink gown,
And made her toys of wood.

Her mom gave birth to a baby boy,
She never again came to see the clown.
The clown felt nothing but plain joy,
For he never used to frown.

There was a girl who was single,
For she never befriended a guy .
The clown sang her a jingle,
Danced with her,
She forgot to cry.

A prince asked her to marry,
She was given the crown.
Her life turned so merry,
And she forgot the clown.

The girl and the princess,
Saw him through fences.
Yet happy was the clown,
For he never used to frown.

The clown was left aloof,
His sad days were living proof.
None remembered the clown, 
Who never used to frown.

His days turned so blue,
As leaves were full of dew.
His life became upside down,
And taught him how to frown.

The village of glee,
Slowly forgot to flee.
To see the happy clown,
Who never used to frown.