Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The author is outstandingly overconfident and is of the opinion that anything that rhymes is poetry. He's one among the only person who sports such a view and it doesn't make a difference

My days were long and blue,
Without anything new, 
Until I had a view.
Of an incredible you.

Seasons do change when I,
Happen to see you smile,
Always be the same,
Red apple of my eye.

Mad about you and blind with love,
Inside my heart I protect you with a glove.
Liar not I am neither do I mean any harm,
As time's proved you're cheescharmer's charm.

All I want to do,
Is convey this message,
Nothing can keep it due,
Even limited usage.

I fall in love everytime you brush you hair aside
And I follow you like the rats did pied.
I stutter and my tongue gets tied,
And all I want is you as my bride .

Is this just a crush
I don't think it is,
But you make me speak to my brush,
While i'm crazy as it is.