Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weather or not

Long long ago, when the world was not infected by H1N1, T.Rajendar, Justin Beiber and the like, there was a guy clad in Levy jean, Rayban shades Adidas shirt, Fastrack watch and Reebok shoes. Ok I just made that up. The guy whose costumes remain a mystery. was walking through the forests which can be found in today's western ghats. So there, he was walking through it and saw a sage in deep penance. Our guy, who is like the person who's typing off crap in the page, was curious to know who was the sage and what kept him busy.(I can hear my mind voice saying "Curious? You? Ha, your reader(s) is/are not fools dude". Well yeah, that sure doesn't sound like me. So I'll try another version, he simply wanted to disturb him. Now that sounds like me)

Well, he thought of a plan as he came up with a pretty lame one. He took out his wand( Fastrack glasses, cape and a wand, No not another Harry Potter ) So he conjured a catapult. he was shocked because he wanted to conjure Kat and make her dance for Sheila ki Jawani and he said the spell for CATapult instead of KATrina Kaif. He said &^%*^%$&&% : (Thats the F-word in sanskrit by the way) and went back to the job of distracting the sage. He aimed a stone at the sage and to his surprise struck him at the fist attempt. The sage knew who it was as he was cheating on his penance,had spotted him a while back and he had been the only means of entertainment in weeks. He cursed him and sent him to the court of Indra.

Indra, Varuna et all were busy watching Urvasi and Menaka dancing for Sheila ki jawani (Atleast Indra remembered half the the spell ) and were interrupted by our guy. They asked him the purpose of his visit. He said he was cursed and wanted to do something in redemption. They asked him what he was good at. He recalled his Deal/No deal and said he was good at guessing. 

Indra: " Who will be the most popular man a million years from now"

Our guy: "Rajnikanth"

Indra was stumped.

Varuna: "Who will be the second most popular man a million years from now?"

Our guy: "You think you can get me with this? That's Rajnikanth again!"

Varuna was stumped too.

Meanwhile Indra reminded Varuna that it was time to change the weather in Chennai from Sunny-like-its-never-been to Rain-cats-and-dogs as there was a cricket match scheduled to begin in a few minutes.

Varuna got a spark of an idea.He said "Hey you've a zillion chances to guess the weather change that I'm about to bring. You'll be free from the curse if you get it right atleast once"

And he started guessing a million years ago, and is still trying to guess it correctly. By the way I forgot to name the character, we'll better call him RAMANAN.